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Using paper for making wall arts is one of the easiest and my favorite! I love to use shapes (especially triangles) for making wall arts. Anyways... this time I made a snowflake wall art, check out this ible to find out how I made it :)

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make this snowflake wall art you'll need:

1) Art paper,
2) Poster color ans paint brush,
3) Pencil and ruler,
4) White Glue,
5) Scissor and anti-color,

Step 2: Chromatic Background

First I thought of using a single colored background but it sounded boring.

Gather all the coloring stuffs- a white art paper, paint brush, poster colors and a small amount water.

Wet the paper lightly using a wet sponge or brush,

Now start coloring the paper using as many colors as you want, but make sure that the color combination is good,

First apply the bright colors and then the dark ones,

Avoid fade, too light colors for the background because we'll use white paper for making the snowflakes,

The brighter or darker the better and more visible the snowflake will be :)

Step 3: Designing Snowflake

We all know more or less about making paper snowflakes so I think there's not much to say about it :p
But still, I'll share the technique I use for making paper snowflakes :)

To make snowflakes I usually cut a paper into round shape,
After cutting the paper round, fold it in half 3 times and you'll get a cone shape (see the first picture of this step).

Notice that I've marked the folded paper with the letters a,b,c & d in the 2nd picture of this step,
a (center): Start designing from the center. Cut a small piece of paper from the center, not too big.
b (both sides): Designing both sides is very important,
c (center line): While designing the sides make sure not to leave too much space in the middle of both sides (center line). Try filling the center line with designs from both sides.
d (edge): Make a wavy-pointy design on the edge to get pointy patterns for the snowflake.

Use pencil for drawing design on the folded round paper,
Oh and the snowflake should be big enough to cover the colored background but not bigger than the background :p

You can make snowflakes using your own technique, this is only one of the many ways of making paper snowflakes.

Step 4: Cutting Snowflake

Use scissor for cutting the designs on the side of the folded round paper,

If you can't reach any specific design with the scissor then use an anti-cutter or x-acto knife.

Remember that the snowflake is the main attraction of this art, so don't rush, take your time and cut the designs carefully :)

Step 5: The Art!

This is the easiest art ever! all you'll need is a paper snowflake, a colorful background and some white glue.

Apply white glue on the back of the paper snowflake, mainly around the edges and the center,

Make sure that there's no glue on your fingers because you'll have to tap the edges of the snowflake on the colored paper after sticking,

Now carefully glue the paper snowflake on the colored paper,

First stick the center and then the edges,

Now simply frame it and hang it. You can check out the last step of my this ible to see the framing technique. :)




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    Question 7 weeks ago on Step 3

    how can i print instruction it's easier to do it


    5 years ago on Introduction

    You are so artistic! I agree with Linda, it is difficult to decide. Thanks for sharing.


    1 reply

    5 years ago on Introduction

    How beautiful and elegant they are! I'm not sure what I love the most between the colored backgrounds and the paper snowflake. They are all amazing!

    I would create a wall full of those snowflakes if I could (including one big background like that).

    3 replies

    Ohww, thank you Linda! paper snowflakes are so fun to make, & honestly your paper quilled snowflake was such an inspiration :)

    a wall full of snowflakes would look adorable, I might try this on one of the walls in my room, thanks for the idea :D