Snowflakes Earrings Jewelry Making Tutorial



Introduction: Snowflakes Earrings Jewelry Making Tutorial

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Here’s something cute for kids and teens to wear - a colorful Snowflakes Earrings! Suitable for beginners, learning simple wrapping and looping techniques you’ll be able to create your own variation of the snowflakes earrings. The earrings measures 2 inches in diameter, but cutting the wires longer you can also use it as a pendant.

Materials & Tools:
3 pcs 0.8mm (20ga) x 5cm (2 inches) wire
0.3mm (28ga) x 38cm (15 inches) wire
Some seed beads
Round nose pliers
Flat nose pliers
Wire cutter

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Step 1:

Prepare 3 pieces 20ga x 2 inches copper wire and cut 0.3mm (28ga) x 15 inches long. Pick one 20ga wire and wrap your 0.3mm wire 2 to 3 times at the center.

Step 2:

Pick another 20ga wire and wrap again.

Step 3:

Pick up the last 20ga wire and wrap again.

Step 4:

Wrap for the 2nd time, securing all 3 20ga wires. When you're done wrapping, cut of excess wire. Adjust the wires to ensure the knot is place at the middle.

Step 5:

Slide in some seed beads and create a loop with the excess wire.

Step 6:

Repeat Step 5 on all 6 wires and you're done! Hope you like it ♥

This is just a quick tutorial but there's a more detailed step by step FREE PDF Copy that you can DOWNLOAD FOR FREE
n the free pdf copy you'll find 
great tips on how to properly and neatly wrap the wire.

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