Snowflakes on the Roof, Simple Christmas Ornament

Here's a simple ornament which can be printed on a 3D printer, for use with or without an internal LED light. Print one and add an LED or two via the hole on the top for a lampshade style look.

Join two halves, bottom-to-bottom (use superglue), for a tree ornament, or use several in a string of LED-lit ornaments around a tree. Note: For fire safety, use only low-power LED's for illumination. The right sample in the photo is lit with a single white 5mm LED.

[Print this one large enough and you'll see the snowflakes are actually made of text which read: "Season's Greetings"]

- Dave & Jean Kodama (Los Angeles, CA)

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    This is a fin looking ornament. It's even better lit up! Good luck in the challenge.