Snowman Cake

This cake is 3 different sized sphere cakes that are put together using toothpicks, and then frosted in white, with coconut shavings sprinkled over, and buttons, hat, scarf, nose, and smile out of cookies and fondant.

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Step 1: Baking

Using either a cake mix or your own recipe, put the cake in cake pans (we used 6 half sphere pans of 3 different sizes and then put them together using frosting. When all cakes are baked, out them in the refrigerator to cool

Step 2: Decoration

When the cakes are cooled, put them together using toothpicks and frosting, and frost them over. Then sprinkle coconut shavings on them. Color fondant and put them into the shapes you desire for the accessories of the snowman(you can use cookies for the hat as well)

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    2 years ago

    That's a cute idea :) Do you have any photos of your finished project?