Snuggie Mod for Netbooks





Introduction: Snuggie Mod for Netbooks

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Step 1: What's the Problem?

Laying down on the couch with your knees up is the comfy spot that we've evolved to. It's a fact. But as you can see with the pictures below this leads to the netbook sliding into home problem.

How are you supposed to focus on your next funny comment in a forum thread when your computer keeps getting pulled into your nethers? With this quick mod, that's how. So let's get started.

Step 2: Find Your Comfy Spot

Get nice and cozy in your reading position and place your netbook right where you want it. A place so that it's easy to type and see the glory of the 10-inch screen.

Now mark the spot on the Snuggie at the bottom of the laptop.

Step 3: Position Netbook on Snuggie

Take off the snuggie and lay it out on the floor. Line up the netbook with the chalk mark and then move it left or right to center it.

Step 4: Make More Marks

With the netbook in place, we'll need to make mroe marks of where we'll want to cut.

The goal is to make a couple of slits that can become pockets for the netbook to rest in. So visualize a diagonal line going across the corners of the netbook and mark the spots where that line would extend off of the netbook.

Step 5: Cut!

Remove the netbook and place a cutting mat or some cardboard underneath the snuggie/slanket.

Now cut lines between your pairs of marks.

Recommended, but not shown: reinforce the holes by sewing around them.

Step 6: Enjoy!

You now have a couple of holes to hold your netbook in place! You can now relax without having to keep holding your netbook up.



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    27 Discussions

    My gateway netbook would say SCREW THIS IT IS BOSD TIME BABY! Aka Blue screen of death.

    well, umm, err, I mean, why not make a smal table to hold the laptop?

    yeah over heating is the biggest problem especially when manufacturers have put intakes or exhausts ont he bottom of the lappys

    1 reply

    Some manufacturers have solved the problem by placing the air intake on the back of the netbook... My Asus eee S101 have that feature it comes in very handy when lying down with your netbook

    If you got a glue gun and did some wavy lines on the slanket, in the area you wanted the netbook, it wouldn't slide down either.

    Cool instructable :)

    7 replies

    The bottom of laptops tend to get hot and i personally would not like melted glue on my blanket and laptop XD

    Maybe, but it wouldn't be locked in place like this is. Also, leaving a lot of hot glue on the snuggie in the area of your crotch would just look... wrong.

     Wouldn't it be just as good an idea to just put the sticky side of velcro on the back of your netbook? 

    But then again, fungus amungus does like to make things both useful and odd...

    you can also just use a piece of that weird rubber stuff that's supposed to go on shelves to protect glassware. It looks like thick rubber screen.

    That way you can use it with multiple snuggies, blankies, whatevers. Since it has holes in it, you can put it between your snuggie and a chill mat, and a chill mat and the computer, so things don't slide all over the place.

    Also can be used to keep tablecloths from sliding around, and to keep carpets more or less in place on wood floors, but you already knew that.

     Nice, now all we have t figure out is how to stop it from overheating lol

    I just wanted to mention that if you do this, you should make sure that the vents are not blocked by the fabric. It could easily overheat, and that might be the reason my netbook died just a year after I got it. (I don't know for sure why it died, but that seems to be the most likely reason, or at least the biggest single factor.)

    If nothing else, add a temperature monitor applet to it or something.

    LOL!!! im lying on my couch under a blanket, using my netbook WITH Ubuntu right now :P

    I love the idea and plan to make the adjustment on the knitted/crocheted ones.