So You Want to Write

Introduction: So You Want to Write

Instructions and opinions on how to write.
Panelists at this GottaCon 2012 panel included writers from a variety of media:
-Joanna Gaskell: Webseries (Standard Action).
-Rob Hunt: Film (Phasefirefilms).
-Karl Johanson: Print (Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine)
-Steve Saunders: Comics.
-Eric Seaton: Tabletop RPGs (Crosstime Games).
-Jules Sherred: Magazine writer, website designer An audio podcast of this panel is available on Jules Sherred's "Geeky Pleasures" website:

Gotta Con 2012 was heald at Pearkes Arena, February 2012, in Victoria BC, Canada. Information on future Gottacons is available at:

The panel proper starts 4 minutes into the video, That's where I switch to the Pod Cast's recording, so it gets easier to hear.

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