Soap Dispenser From Old Bottle




I saw a Jack Daniels soap dispenser a few weeks ago somewhere on the internet and I wanted to make one by myself. This project is easy to make and in my opinion the result looks great.

What you need:

-some old bottles, preferably with screw top

-an old (or new) soap dispenser (you´ll just need the top of it)

-maybe an extra plastic tube (if you are using large bottles the one from the soap dispenser will probably be to short to reach to the bottom)

-liquid soap (if possible in the same color as the drink that was in the bottle)

My tips for choosing a bottle:

- the smaller, the better: large bottles get even bigger with the soap dispenser top on them, have that in mind choosing a bottle!

- use colored glass bottles if you can: they just look better and you can use soap in every color you want

- try to find a bottle on which the top of your soap dispenser fits well: the whole thing gets a lot easier if you don´t have to disassemble the soap dispenser ;)

Step 1: Screw the Top of the Soap Dispenser on the Bottle

If the top of your soap dispenser already fits on the top of the bottle, all you have to do is screw the top of the soap dispenser on the bottle.

If not, take a look at the following steps!

Step 2: Optional: Making the Top of the Soap Dispenser Fit on the Bottle

If the top of your soap dispenser doesn´t fit on the bottle, you will have to disassemble the top like it is shown in the picture. At my soap dispenser I just had to pull on the thing that is on the left in the picture (I have no idea how that is called) and it came off.
After that just drill a hole in the bottle cap and use the cap instead of the "cap" of the soap dispenser top (the thing that is on the right in the picture) and then just reassemble it.

Step 3: Optional: Extend the Plastic Tube

If you are using a large bottle, the plastic tube of the soap dispenser could be too short. In this case just grab another piece of plastic tube (from another soap dispenser or anything else - I got mine from an old watergun) and stick the parts together.
It is advisable to use one tube with a smaller and one with a bigger diameter, because then you can just stick them into each other.



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    8 months ago on Step 3

    This is a brilliant idea. Glad to see people recycling dispensing pumps for alternative uses. We are always looking for recycling solutions and this is a great idea.


    Reply 3 years ago

    cool.out of recycled bottles.that saves our planet!


    Reply 3 years ago



    3 years ago

    Thank you, I think I'll be doing this with some of my bottles I've kept spare for some projects :-)

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Cool, I'd love to see the result :)