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Introduction: Soapbox Racer

This soapbox racer was completed in 2016 after around 350 hours of designing and building. Everything on he racer apart from the wheels and steering wheel has been fabricated by hand. A fun and challenging project that was part of my A-level design course: which received full marks.

The main chassis of the racer is made from 25mm x 25mm square section mild steel bar. This makes it light and strong. The racer was build specifically for myself and being 6ft 6 inches and nearly 90kg the chassis is build to withstand a good amount of stress.

Feel free to ask any questions and in-depth documentation about all of the racers production (A 14 page document) with notes and photos will be up for purchase within the coming month.



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    Hello to everyone who has commented and looked at my soapbox racer. I am excited about how enthusiastic people are.

    I am planning to complete high level instructions on the racer covering all aspects of its build within the coming week. These instructions will include what materials, tools (and alternative tools), advice, photos, rough measurements and design guidance.

    These plans will come with a small fee of around £10 through a Paypal transaction. Once the plans have been bought if you have any questions throughout your build then feel free to contact me and i will answer them to the best of my ability.

    This is a great looking racer, and very impressive!

    I hope you'll upload some additional steps to outline the build process. I've wanted to make something like this since I was a kid, and would love to see more details. Please consider it! :)

    Looks nice. Any more steps coming?


    1 year ago

    Great looking rig; where are the instructions?