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This ible will show you how to get a little more life out of your kid's athletic shoes. I am going to show how to convert a pair of soccer shoes into a fashionable and somewhat practical pair of sandals. Time to add a little Style to the game of soccer footwear.

I would have to imagine there are millions of parents out there that cringe at the beginning of a new soccer, baseball, football, or lacrosse season. In reality any sports season for their child.

Why? Because with every new season comes buying new uniforms and gear! The smart parents who have kids in Club sports usually buy uniforms a little on the big size to get a couple years out of them. You can't do that with sport shoes. Shoes/Cleats just have to fit right. You just can't send your kids out there with clown shoes. Or can we? They'd be tripping up all over the place looking like a fool. :-)

It is just a hard pill to swallow knowing in just a couple weeks I will be heading up to the local sporting goods store to drop another $30-$50 on a pair of soccer cleats that will only be used for about 3 months.

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Step 1: Trash?

Here we have only 2 of many pairs of cleats that have been used for one soccer season. We have a whole locker full of shoes that have been outgrown by our two kids

They are nearly show room condition. I'll give Nike and Adidas credit. They make shoes that wear strong. Somebody needs to tell them that after 3 months they are useless because the kids just simply grow out of them in one season.

I think they realize that already.

I chose to work with the Adidas shoe as it had a little more to work with compared to the Nike shoe. Let's face it, what is so exciting about that Swoosh anyways, Right?

Step 2: Tongues?

We don't need no stinking tongues!

First thing's first, remove those laces. Then get yourself a sharp razor and cut out those tongues! Hey Adidas, save us some money and forget the tongues. :-P I think that just cut $5 off the price of the shoes.

Step 3: Goodbye Liner

Hey Adidas, we don't need that liner either! There goes another $5.

After cutting out the tongues, I realized using the utility knife was a little cumbersome and borderline dangerous. I purchased this razor knife set from Harbor Freight for only $2.99. One blade got me through the entire project. No worry, money well spent. I know I will have many more shoes coming my way to work on in the future.

Once you start cutting your design you will notice the liner of the show just gets in the way, so get rid of it. While your at it, take out the insoles. Save the insoles for later.

Use your knife carefully to cut the liner near the seam of the bottom of the shoe. Continue until you can then pull a bunch out and then cut the top. In the trash with it?

Step 4: Lose the Stripes

Hey Adidas, those stripes are too flashy. Get rid of them. That's another $5 saved in manufacturing!

Insert knife carefully and follow the lines of the stripes. Cut them out and trash them!

Step 5: Open Up the Toes

They just would not be sandals unless we opened up the toes.

Hey Adidas, no need for that fancy stitch work and toe protection! After all, a talented soccer player should never kick the ball with their toes right? No More Toe Balls!

Carefully insert knife and cut along stitch work. Leaving the stitching will ensure the integrity of the shoe.

Then, guide the knife carefully along the sole of the shoe. Toss another $5 of material in the trash!

Anybody keeping track of how much less material we need in these soccer shoes? $$$

Now we are seeing some STYLE!

Step 6: Time for Color

Hmmm? What color to use? Let's make these shoes FAST!

I think Usain Bolt would be proud of these shoes. While Mr. Bolt is not a soccer player, he knows the value of GOLD!

Pick your favorite colored spray paint and find a well ventilated area. Spray away! Don't forget to paint the bottom side of the cleats as well.

Step 7: Laces and Insoles

Go find some flashy laces to throw in. I recommend something really stylish as you want to draw attention to this stylish yet practical footwear.

Reinsert the insoles. We need to ensure comfort don't we?

WoW! The laces match the insoles. How cool is that?

Perhaps the Notre Dame soccer teams would be interested in this great ible!

Soccer Sandals!

Hope you enjoyed the ible. If you chuckled at least once, please VOTE!

Let's Go Play Some Soccer!

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    DiyWaterDogPenolopy Bulnick

    Reply 3 years ago

    Well Thanks... As it was meant to be. Just something different. Daughter had fun modeling and cramming her feet into soccer sandals that were 2 sizes too small. Hope others had a giggle.


    3 years ago

    Not taking away from this at all, but what about just donating the shoes instead of cutting them up? That way other kids, who's family is on hard times of whatever, have a chance at enjoying the game as well.

    1 reply

    3 years ago

    This is a real way of restyling your trash boots! as for me, I think that could be a nice gift for boys)


    3 years ago

    These will teach kids pretty quickly not to toe-punch the ball. Youch! :)

    1 reply