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Introduction: K'nex Soccer Game

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Here is a game I made long time ago on paper. Now I made it on K'nex and in 3D. Your goal is to shoot the ball into the net. You are in charge of all your team members as you take turns with your opponent and place down cards that will tell what actions you are going to give to a team player. This game has a lot of rules to it so you should read the How to Play really carefully.

Step 1: Parts Required

white: 32
yellow: 24
red: 4
orange: 10
tan clip: 14
blue end: 1

green: 101
white: 50
black: 5
blue: 14

Paper- normal paper can do but cardstock is recommended.

Step 2: Building

Pic. 1: Build this. Pic. 2: Build these. Pic. 3: Attach the supports on. Pic. 4: A zoomed in view. Pic. 5: Flip it over. Now you are done the board! Pic. 6: Build these. These are the players and the ball. Yes I know the ball does not look like a ball but I made it like that so it could be attached onto the player who has it. Pic. 7: Put the players in the correct places shown. Put the ball where it is shown too. This is the starting places for a game. Pic. 8: To get the best quality, make them on the computer. This picture shows what the cards look like and what size they should even though the size does not matter. You need to print 2 copys of this. 1 for each person. It is recommended that you print them out using card stock if your printer supports it. If your printer does not, just use ordinary paper. If you don`t have a printer, write it out. Once printed or writen out, cut the cards out. Pic. 9: These are what your cards should look like. There needs to be 18 cards. Pic. 10: Now you are done. This is what is should look like.

Now go and learn how to play in the next step but beware, there are a lot of rules in the game so read carefully.

Step 3: How to Play

Your goal of the game is to get the ball in your opponents net. To set up the game, look at Pic. 1. It will show you where all the players go. One person is black and the other is white. Each person gets an equal of 9 cards: Run, Long Run, Pass, Long Pass, Stay, Left, Right, Up, and Down.

Once the game is set up and you have someone to play with , play rock paper scissors to see who gets the ball at start. The ball goes to the player who is at center. The players at center are the ones right next to the ball at the beginning of the game. Pic. 2 shows how to connect the ball to a player. Once the rock paper scissors match is over and you know who gets the ball first, each player start commanding their players.

To command a player, you need an action and a direction for the player. Each person picks an action card: Run, Long Run, Pass, Long Pass, or Stay. And a direction card: Left, Right, Up, or Down. If you pick Stay, you don`t really need a direction card but put one down anyway so the your opponent does not know that it is Stay. After you and your opponent have put down an action and direction card, say 1, 2, 3! When you say 3, you and your opponent puts their finger on the player they want to command. Still do this if you picked Stay. It won`t matter who you pick. It does not matter who moves their player first as everything happens after you and your opponent have moved their player.

What the cards do:
Run: Move a player one space. 
Long Run: Move a player two spaces.
Pass: Pass the ball 3 spaces. This card can only be used if you have the ball and player you pick must have the ball.
Long Pass: Pass the ball 4 spaces. Same rule for Pass.
Stay: Don`t move at all.

The direction cards tell what direction the player will run or pass. It is the direction from your point of view. You can`t go diagonal and if you picked Long Run or Long Pass, the player you chose can only go 2 spaces in the direction you picked. You can`t go 1 space up and 1 space left. To do that will take 2 turns and both with the action of just Run.

Once you and your opponent have moved their player, see if a ball war has happened. Ball wars are when you steal the ball from the opponent. They happen when an opposing player lands on the same space as the player with the ball. The opposing player without the ball will get the ball and the player who just had the ball will go on timeout for 1 turn. They will just be put aside. After the timeout is done. The person who owns the player puts the player on any of the 6 spaces next to the net. The net is the 6 spaces on your edge and no player can go into it.

There is 1 player in it though and it is the goalie. The goalie can also be commanded but can not go Up or Down and can not do a Long Run.

When a player with the ball gets close enough to the opposing net, within 1, 2, or 3 spaces, that player can then use the Pass card as a shooting card. The Long Pass is not a shooting card, only the Pass. The player shoots the ball and it will land in the net area or on the goalie. If it lands on the goalie, it is a save and the game keeps going. If the goalie is not on the same space as where the ball landed when the ball was shot into the net, the team who shot the ball wins the game! Since the Long Pass is not a shooting card, you can`t be within 4 spaces of the net and use a Long Pass so it lands in the net. If that happens, the ball goes straight to the goalie.

Remember that everything happens after you and your opponent have commanded their player so if you shoot the ball and goes in the net and the goalie was not on that space, that does not mean you win, your opponent may have their cards so that it commands the goalie to go on the space where the ball is and that would be a save. If not though, that would be a win of course.

If the goalie gets the ball, the person who owns the goalie can choose to command it to Pass or Long Pass it right away or can choose to move a different player to get it in the right place for the pass. Once a non goalie move has been made, the next command must be a command to the goalie to do a Pass or a Long Pass.

Pic. 3 shows how to handle having 2 players on one space. If a player of the same team as the team with the ball lands on the space with the player with the ball, no ball wars happen as they are the same team but you won`t be able to do what Pic. 3 shows so just put them lying down next to the space. Then when the space is open, put them on the space.

Well, that is all the rules, I think. There were a lot of rules. Easy to remember, but hard for me to describe them on the internet.

If you have any questions, please comment.

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    4 years ago

    Looks like a very interesting (and inspirational) game! Why not uploading a video showing a bit of action?

    Thanks for sharing!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    this ia salvadorean soccer game. you use a stick and hit the ball once. the stcks are the players.


    10 years ago on Step 3

    lol one persons black and the other person is white.. thats not racist at allll... lol sarcasm


    Reply 10 years ago on Step 3


    Mr. Muggle
    Mr. Muggle

    10 years ago on Introduction

    These games just keep getting better!! very cool, keep it up!