Sock Blocker for Tiny Socks

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Socks blockers are probably a knitter's most useless tool. These one, to the size of tiny socks, are useless, too, except that they are a good way to show your tiny knitting. Plus, they are easy to make and free!

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Step 1: You Need

  • A wooden box of cheese
  • Scissors
  • A pen or a pencil to draw the shape on the box
  • Sand paper (coarse and fine or very fine) or a nail file.

Step 2: How To

Separate the bottom of the box from the side. Remove the label.

Draw the pattern on the wood and carefully cut with scissors. At this step I break one shape: so work slowly if you don't want to ruin your work.

I give the pattern in two files: png or svg if you want to modify the size.

Sand the edges.

You are done !



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    7 months ago

    Good job. Very practical.