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Introduction: Sock Dog Tutorial (Corgi)

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I based this sock dog off of these instructions, and created a photo tutorial to accompany them.  I modified the directions to make this a Corgi as a Christmas gift.

  • 1 pair of regular length socks (you can used colored socks, or use a sock which you can then color with fabric markers)
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Buttons, beads, doll eyes or embroidery string (to make face)
  • Pipe cleaners (optional)

Step 1: Cut, Sew & Stuff Sock 1

  • Start by turning your sock inside out
  • Take sock 1 and flatten it out, so that the heel is on the top
  • Cut off the top of the sock and then cut a straight line down the middle, to the start of the heel.  This will become the dog's back legs.  I cut down the legs of mine since I was making a corgi.
  • If the dog's body is too long you can cut the toe off of the sock as I did in the photo.
  • Round the feet with your scissors and then sew up the sides of the legs, leaving a gap so that you can can flip the sock right side out.  
  • I also inserted a piece of pipe cleaner into each leg before sewing it up to help create a foot.
  • Flip the sock and then stuff.
Click here to view the instructions I used to make this

Step 2: Cut, Sew & Stuff Sock 2

  • Cut sock 2 into 4 parts (see the labeled photo below)
  • Head: The heel becomes the back of the dog's head and then you round the other side into the shape of a muzzle.  Sew the edges, leaving a gap at the neck so you can flip it right side out.  Stuff the head and sew onto the body.
  • Front Legs:  Cut the front legs to the desired size, sew the edges.  Then stuff, add pipe cleaner if desired and then sew to the body.
  • Ears: I cut 2 triangles out of the ear section.  I placed a piece of pipe cleaner in the ear for structure and then sewed it into the triangular pocket.  Then attach to the head.
  • Tail: Cut out a tail and sew in a pipe cleaner for support and attach to the dog's butt.
Click here and here to view the instructions I used

Step 3: Create Face and Finish

  • Color: I chose to use a white sock and then colored it with fabric sharpies after it was sewn
  • Create Face: I used embroidery thread to sew on a mouth and then sewed on round black beads for eyes and nose.
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6 years ago

I made one of these years ago in high school. I found the tutorial in a magazine. I wanted to make another but could never find the instructions. Thanks for posting