Sock Eating Washer Costume

Introduction: Sock Eating Washer Costume

I found a large box behind a furniture store and built this for my son.


Large cardboard box
Heavy duty scissors and box cutter
Black , white, and silver paint
Lots of socks
Sewing machine
One yard of pink fabric
Bottle caps
Large discs for eyes
Hot glue and glue gun
Laundry basket
Detergent bottle

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Step 1: Assemble the Washer

Cut out a large circle in the top center of the box.
Save the circle to use for the door.
Cut a smaller circle out of the door. Paint the door silver.
Paint the outside of the box white and the inside black.
Paint the caps silver.
Paint the eyes.
Glue the eyes, caps and door to the front of the box.
Glue a laundry basket and empty detergent bottle to the top.
Cut out a tongue that is large enough to fill the hole.
Sew together and turn right side out.
Lightly stuff the tongue.
Cut, paint , glue teeth to the inside of the box.
Glue the tongue to the inside of the box.
The costume wearer puts his hand in the tongue to gobble up the socks.

Step 2:

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