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Introduction: Sock Fox

This is how I made a quick and easy stuffed fox. It took me an afternoon to make and I'm quite slow at sewing. it could be easily adapted to a different animal with a different tail/head shape.

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Step 1: Gather Materials

To make the sock fox I used:

3x adult sport socks

2x buttons (for the eyes)

part of a black spool of thread



Step 2: Arms and Legs

The legs and arms of the fox are made from the "foot" section of the socks.

I started out by cutting the foot section off one sock, then cutting that lengthwise in half to make the two arms.

you can cut the toe sections to a more pleasing shape before you sew them if you want, I just evened it up so they were symmetrical.

I turned the two sections so they were inside out then folded over the cut edges until I had enough fabric at the hole to sew through.

I took about 2m of thread, and used a simple back and forth stitch going back and forth from the toe to the hip at least 3 times.

I did the same process for the bottom legs but just slit a sock lengthwise from toe to heel then sewed from toe to toe.

Step 3: Tail

You can use the ankle section of the sock used for the arms to make the tail. To make the tail symmetrical I folded the inside-out sock section in half then drew my tail shape on and cut it while it was still folded. make sure you don't make the section where it attaches to the body too thin, I made mine a bit bigger than an inch across. Once it's cut just sew around the outside everywhere except where it will attach to the body. you can also now make a slit in the heel section of the body sock where the tail will attach later.

Step 4: Head

I used the heel and ankle section of the third sock to make the head of the fox. I drew the approximate shape of the head on the inside out sock, cut it then sewed around the outside except for the neck area where it will attach to the body. I made the snout extra long, but if you look at some pictures of foxes you could make a better shape.

Step 5: Eyes

Turn the head back rightside out and find a good spot to put the button eyes then sew them on as you would a normal button. I just did about a meter of thread for each eye going through the holes as many times as I could in a semi-consistent pattern.

Step 6: Ears

Cut out 4 relatively large isosceles triangles from the leftover sock pieces you have to make the ears. sew them in two pairs with the outsides facing each other along the long sides, they will connect to the head on the short sides. Cut two slits in the head where you want the ears to attach. with the head and ears rightside out insert the ears into the slits then sew them to the head along the edges. be careful not to sew them closed, you want to be able to stuff them from the inside later.

Step 7: Attach Arms

Next slit the body where you want the arms to go and attach them the same way you did the ears to the head.

Step 8: Attach Head

next attach the head to the body. I tried to do this nicely by having both the head and body inside out and sewing around the neck, which is the ideal way, but I found it difficult to get the head oriented properly and had to re-sew it multiple times. if you have them both right-side out you can pose the head more easily and just stitch around the neck. it won't be as pretty but it is much less frustrating.

if you're using this method you could sew the tail onto the body (the same way as the arms) before the head, stuff the head and body then sew the head on. stuffing through the head hole would be easier since it is larger than the hole for the tail.

Step 9: Stuff and Attach Tail

Now it's time for stuffing! cram your stuffing through the hole in the body for the tail all the way down the legs, arms, and all the way into the snout and ears. once your fox is all stuffed you can stuff the tail and sew it onto the body and you're done!

Step 10: Cuddle, Pose and Enjoy!!

Now you're done!

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    2 Discussions

    Cats Dragon
    Cats Dragon

    3 years ago

    Very nice and original. Good instructions. Thank you for posting your fox in socks (strike that, not Dr. Seuss), sock fox. By the way, I love your " name", so funny.


    Reply 3 years ago

    haha thanks, I can't take credit for the name though. it's from a great short video called "grocery store wars". If you find chewbroccoli amusing you should take the 5 mins to watch the video, it's pretty great!