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Introduction: Sock Monkey Cake

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How to make a simple Sock Monkey cake. I love this cake not only because it's ridiculously cute, but it's decorated with simple frosting stars and finished with fondant which can also be swapped out for buttercream. Not to mention the combination of chocolate and vanilla swirl frosting is always amazing.

You'll Need:

3 layers of cake (I used 6 inch cakes)

Vanilla Frosting (about 2 cups)

Chocolate Frosting (about 2 cups)

Piping bag with star tip

Red frosting in a small sandwich bag (about 1/2 cup)

Fondant: black, red, and white


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My Vanilla Frosting Recipe:

My Chocolate Frosting Recipe:

Step 1: Stack, Fill, Coat

Start off by filling and stacking your cake with whatever frosting and/or filling you'd like.

After stacked, carve the edges off of the top layer to create a slight dome shape. Crumb coat the cake with vanilla frosting and fill a piping bag with a star tip.

Step 2: Piping

Hat: Pipe a line of stars around the cake directly under where carved or toward the top of the cake. This line will be the guideline for sock monkey's hat. Fill in the complete top of the cake with stars. To do this, simply pipe by applying pressure and pulling up quickly.

Face: Stir together vanilla and chocolate frosting without fully combining. It should had visible streaks of chocolate and vanilla. Put the frosting into a piping bag and fill the rest of the cake in with stars.

*Sock monkey has brown and white specks which is why we combine the vanilla and chocolate frosting (without fully incorporating).

Step 3: Features

Roll out a small sheet of white fondant and cut into a large oval. Next roll out a piece of red fondant and cut out a sock monkeys smile. It should fit within the white piece of fondant with about 1/2 inch of surrounding space (use water as glue). Place the mouth at the bottom of the cake.

Roll two tiny sized dots of black fondant and place over the mouth as sock monkey's nose.

Roll out black fondant and use a piping tip to cut out two circles. Using a toothpick or the tip of a knife, poke two holes in each fondant circle to create buttons. Press onto the cake for sock monkey's eyes.

Step 4: Finishing

Pipe a mound of frosting (any kind) onto the top of the cake. This will be the base for the 'puff' on sock monkey's hat. Put red frosting into a sandwich bag and cut off a corner to pipe long spikes or strands extending from the frosting mound. Completely cover the mound and pipe different lengths of strands.

Lastly, for ears roll out out a piece of white and black marbled fondant. Cut into the shape of a circle and cut in half. Break a toothpick in half and stick two halves into each ear for support. Stick the ears into the cake.

That completes sock monkey. I hope that you give this cake a try and watch the tutorial for further explanations. Feel free to leave any comments and questions below and visit me on youtube to enter a giveaway!

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