Sock Monkey Mayhem




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I made some sock monkeys a while ago. None of them are "traditional" in the sock monkey sense of the word, but I think they turned out quite nice.

First up is Nooners. This was my first sewn creature, and is filled with lentils. Nooners is quite pose-able and loves to show off for the camera. She is still my favorite. While not strictly made of beans, she is the inspiration of the name BeanGolem.

Next up is Rafie, the aerobics instructor monkey from the '80s. Normally, she'd have a headband on, but she's just relaxing at the moment.

After seeing so many generic sock monkeys that look like twins or siblings, I was wondering if there were any Siamese twin sock monkeys. I couldn't find any, so I had to make them. Behold: The Twins. They were a pain in the ass to make. They each have full sets of limbs and tails, but share a mouth.

The round blue guy turned out meh. He's the reject of the family -- not nearly as cuddly, bizarre, or generally interesting as the others. He's just... lumpy.



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    10 years ago on Introduction

    lol I like the blue monkey, its sort of cute. But out of all of those monkeys, I love nonners!