Sock Puppets



Introduction: Sock Puppets

Being a frequent traveller, I seem to collect piles of the aeroplane socks. Try this fun and creative activity, with your kids to prevent these socks from clogging up your drawers. Scan the internet to find fun and crazy characters to create or have the kids come up with own amazing creatures.

Step 1: Materials

- Two Socks (colour and size of your choice)

- Fabric Scissors

- Felt

- Thread

- Needle

- Pins

Step 2: Choose Your Design

Plan out the design that you want to make.

For my design, I have chosen to make a unicorn.

Step 3: Sewing Help

When sewing the felt onto the sock, make sure to only go through one side of the sock.

To do this it can be helpful to scrunch up a piece of paper and push it to the end of the sock.

Step 4: Sewing on the Features

Using a needle and thread, sew the felt face features onto the sock

Step 5: Eyes

For the eyes of my unicorn I decided to use googly eyes, instead of felt.
To attach the googly eyes I used white glue.

Step 6: Finished Design

You now have a finished puppet, that can go on your hands or feet.

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