Sock Utility Gauntlet

Introduction: Sock Utility Gauntlet

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Hello internet, welcome to my instructable. Today I bring you the Utility Gauntlet. It's an augment to your arm that allows you to hold objects such as small tools, pens, pencils, cellular devices and so on. Essentially it's a utility belt but on your arm, it can hold a wide variety of tools and such to your need. As opposed to a pocket that can be occupied in space due to wallets and cellphones and generally quite limited, the SUG is effective in holding any type of belonging, in any circumstance. It's also quite hidden with long sleeve clothing.

Step 1: Gather Materials

This is a Trash to Treasure category, everything in this instructable can be constructed with anything you can find in any home, rich or poor, you most likely have everything, just keep digging.

Here however I used;

- A sock long enough to take up my entire forearm

- Two or more pins

- A bandage

- A pair of scissors

Step 2: Cut That Sock, Friend.

It's time for step 1, the simplest step out of all of them. Cut the sock by any means possible around the tip so your arm can exit the other end, please do be careful as you are handling a sharp object. If you aren't using a sock but are using some other cloth or material that isn't connected in a way that would fit the arm length-wise, do whatever possible to put it together like a sleeve surrounding your arm.

Step 3: Pin That Sock.

In order to place anything onto the SUG, it's time we put that bandage or whatever elastic material to good use. You may sew it on but for convenience I used a push pin to keep it together. Keeping it relatively tight, but enough so you can stick anything in there is important, as you don't want anything to fall off yet keeping it easily accessible. The easiest method is to place the unfinished SUG on your arm and to put it together there to keep the tight factor, however this is dangerous and does require assistance from another reliable human being.

Step 4: Tighten the Sock.

Skip this step if the sock is already tight enough to stay in place. It is also good to perform this step even then since things can loosen over time after use without proper reinforcement.

You essentially do the same thing but on the end nearest to the elbow. This is to ensure the SUG stays in place and doesn't fall off even in rigorous movement.

Step 5: Summary on Construction

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    3 years ago

    Clever build. Welcome to instructables.


    3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing :)