Socket Set Holder

Introduction: Socket Set Holder

Laying out a socket set holder was the first step. I wanted to make sure the height was right and there was enough room on the underside for magnets.

Step 1: Off to the 3d Printer

I got tired of loosing my little sockets while working on my trucks and cars. The old snap type holders are wearing out and have no spring tension to then either, so I decided to fire up my 3d-printer and make some new holders. After printing, I added some magnets I bought off of eBay, now I have magnetically held socket holders.

I know I can buy these socket holders, but they run anywhere from $25 to $45 each.

None of them are made from glow in the dark plastic which you can buy in a few colors now. These are custom for my Snap-On socket set but the sizes seem fairly universal as that they fit an off brand set I have as well. The next version will be for my deep well sockets.

Step 2: Add the Magnets

It's alway fun tiring to place the magnets and put the screws in to secure them. They can jump in a flash. After your done, your sockets will stay in place, and the holder will stay put on any steel surface.

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