Socks Doll



i was suprised and happy when there was a contest about soft toys because i have always prefered soft toys for child because is safe and, it was a wish for me to be able to make a one as project and thanks to the contest i decided to do it even if i was late to post it for personnal reasons.i hope you like!!

Step 1: The Body ,head and Feet

1-materiels : a long needle - stuffing - scisors - socks

2 - fill the socks with the stuffing

3 and 4 : that should be the shape

5 - cut the rest of the socks

6 - use the running stich as it's instructed in lesson 6 of hand sew class

7 and 8 : inter the needle in the loop

9 - pull tightly

10,11 and 12 . use finishing stich as it is instructed in lesson 5 of hand sew class

for head :

13,14 and 15 . use the same method of steps . 6,7,8 and 9

16,17 and 18 . take the needle through the neck and pull tightly and repeat for times untill the head is well shaped

21 - that should be the shape

22 - draw a line of 6cm

23 - pass the needle through the head line o the back

24 - comeback and to the starting point and pass the needle through the loop to fix the start

25 and 26 :use raunning stich but iput the needle in as in step 26

27 - keep going comeback as in step 28,29, 30,31 and 32

33 and 34 . pull tightly and make finish stich as it was teached in lesson 5 of hand sew

Step 2: Eyes, Mouth

35 - draw the eyes and mouth

36 and 37 - from the back of the head put in the needle and let it out from the start point of the eyes

38 - back through to the back of the head

39,40,41,42 and 43 .. repeat the last step for the rest of the eyes and the mouth

Step 3: Arms

44 - use the remained poece of the socks

45 ,46 and 47- i sewed the arms then cut from the mid,this way is more easy

48,49 and 50 : use the same stich and method as it was with the body

51 - fill the arm with stuffing

52 ,53,54 and 55- use the slip stich asin lesson 14 of hand sew class or ladder stich to attach the arm to the body

i made two round to strongly attach the arm to the body

56, 57 and 58 : i use an ordinay bold thread to make hair, for the hat see my previous video about wraist bad there how to make it,

59,60 and 61; i changed the pink socks by a green one to use the ring of the socks, is ptional. i used the running stich and pulled tightly to fix ro the neck and flip it

i hope i was able to give a faithful instruction



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