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Introduction: Socks and Bottle Dog Toy

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A simple and easy 5 minute dog toy for Fido. Made from 3 parts. I guarantee your lovable long eared friend will get a kick out of these noisy crunchy toys!

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Step 1: Stuff Needed

all you need are some old stinky socks and a crinkled water bottle. I would recommend thicker to medium thickness short socks. They are best for tugawar and play, as well as chewing.

Step 2: Make the Bottle Safe

Remove the label, lid and the ring below the lid. This way Spot won't choke on the toy when he breaks through the cushions.

Step 3: The First Sock

Shove the bottle hole side first all the way to the toe of the sock. then straighten the bottle. pull the loose end tight and make a single finger loop knot. push the knot to the bottom end of the bottle.

Step 4: Second Sock

shove the newly covered bottle into the second sock, but this time, the loose end will be at the cap end of the bottle. repeat steps used for the first sock. This adds a second layer for durability and it is easier on Spike's gums.

Step 5: It's Done!

My dog Josie loves these toys and they are easy and free to make new ones! Have fun with your new dog toys!

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    This is great! I bet my dog would love these and they are easy to make so I wouldn't feel bad when she inevitbly destroyed it!