Socktopus Dog Toy: Finally a Use for Those Unmatched Socks

Introduction: Socktopus Dog Toy: Finally a Use for Those Unmatched Socks

My dog loves playing with plush toys and I have a ton of unmatched socks.

That being said...Socktopus was born.

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Step 1: Materials

8 Unmatched( preferably clean) ankle socks

If the socks are higher than the ankle, cut off any material above the ankle area.

1 large carpentry needle of sorts

Approx. 5 ft of yarn (divided into a 2ft piece and a 3ft piece)

Optional: squeakers to fill some of the socks. I believe squeakers can usually be purchased at your local pet store.

Step 2: The Only Sewing You'll Ever Do

Stack the socks. If desired, fill a sock or two with a squeaker.

Thread the needle. I like to thread both ends of the yarn through the needle, therefore, creating a loop. Run the needle through the Achilles' part of each sock. After threading is done, run the needle through the reaming loop of yarn thus securing the yarn. Repeat this step and then tie the yarn off in a knot.

Step 3: Making the Creation Creaturesque

All your socks should be looped together with yarn. Move them around so that they make more of an octopus like creature than a stack. Next, flipped the socks over and bundle the heels together to make a "head." Use the remaining yarn and tie it tightly around the "head" to secure it. You may want to wrap the yarn around it a few times and then tie it secure to give it more durability.

Feel free to draw a face on the head or just enjoy the classic silhouette look. Now it looks like a Socktopus. A great tug toy! Enjoy!

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    3 years ago

    We actually discovered with our dog, he was not picky! Tie a knot in a sock and throw it, and he's in!!!


    I need to try this out. I bought a toy similar to this for $20 and it was supposedly heavy duty. It took my dog about 10 mins of play to tear it up :(