Soda Bottle Fixture

Introduction: Soda Bottle Fixture

Hanging light fixture made from plastic soda bottles and wire.

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Step 1: Collect and Clean Bottles

Collect several soda bottles. I used two 2 liters and one 1.5 liter for variation. Take off their labels and clean them out.

Step 2: Cut Bottles

Cut the tops off bottles. Then cut them in half.

Step 3: Set Wire

Using flexible wire, form loops that will fit inside of the pieces of bottles. Take care that your bulb will fit inside the wire loops.

Step 4: Fire!

Using a fire stick, shrink the plastic to the wire frame. the plastic will become hard and thick. Don't rush this step or use higher powered heat, you will melt the plastic instead of reshape it.

Step 5: Light

Use the wire to fashion a holder for the light bulb. Screw into a preset fixture and hang.

Step 6:

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    4 years ago

    Interesting idea. Thanks for sharing how you made this.

    I like the idea of shrinking plastic bottles over a metal frame, I think there's some interesting potential there! :)