Soda Bottle Tetrapods




Introduction: Soda Bottle Tetrapods

Years back I found that I could make tetrapods if I combine four soda bottles. This became one of my first sculpture projects that evoke artificial hearts.

For a long time I didn’t know what to do with this idea and sort of forgot. I am revisiting the project and decided to share with everyone. I am not sure if this has any practical applications but it’s a fun project. First thing comes up to my mind is a LED lamp. May be good as a container as well. If you use rivets to hold them together they will be stronger.

Looking forward to see your ideas!

Step 1: Materials and Tools


Soda bottles : 4 bottles for each tetrapod Chose the bottles with plain smooth round shoulders with no ornamental releiefs.

Good bottles

Pepsi: Most of the Pepsi bottles are strong and has the right shape. Avoid the ones that has ornaments on the shoulder.

Target’s soda: perfect round shape and strong.

Smart water : I havent’ tested these yet but they have the right shape.

Bad bottles

Coke: the shoulder is too narrow and too much ornamentations. No good.

Root Beer: the shape is OK but plastic is too thin and lower quality.


Sharpie (fine point) Scissors Knife Ruler Clear Scoch Tape

Optional: Dremel Ribets: ⅛”x ⅛” Ribet gun Cutting mat with inch grids

Step 2: Instruction for Small Target Soda Bottles

Trace the top edge of the label with fine point sharpie.

Cut into the bottle under the line with the knife. Insert the scissors from the incision cut with the knife and carefully cut along the line. You want to cut it slowly so you make a clean cut.

Make 4 of these to make one tetrapod.

Put the bottles together with clear tape. For more more secure joints drill holes and join them with rivets.

Step 3: Instruction for 2 Litter Pepsi Bottle

Trace the top edge of the label with fine point sharpie.

Cut into the bottle under the line with the knife. Insert the scissors from the incision cut with the knife and cut along the line. You don’t need to be perfect at all but leave the original line visible and don’t cut into the line.

Place the cut bottle on the grids of the cutting mat or a ruler. Mark 1” inside along the first line and draw a line. Cut along this line with scissors carefully. This is going to be the final edge so you want is to be as clean as possible.

Make 4 of these to make one tetrapod.

Combine them together and hold them with the tape. If you want stronger, permanent joint, use rivets.



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    28 Discussions

    okay, weird idea here, but can't you make some sort of pumping system and use colored water. This way you could emulate heartbeats or neuronic connections! <3

    Very cool looking. Do you do this to all for bottles? "Mark 1” inside along the first line and draw a line. Cut along this line with scissors carefully"

    1 reply

    Yes. All the bottles are cut in the same way and identical as long as they are same design/sized bottles.

    I love this, it's beautiful! Wondering what you used for the red inner globe, and the connecting parts for the tubing?

    1 reply

    I'm glad you enjoy this. Red inner globe is another smaller soda bottles. Tubings were just threaded though each tetrapods.

    I love this idea and will be crediting your work when I start working on a steampunk style Riddler cane

    I'm thinking some kind of Steampunk grenade consisting of Coke and Mentos!!!

    Spray paint the inside black and put a bright light inside and leave the caps off for an interesting room light. Glue plastic jewels where the caps would attach for more lighting effects.

    I like this visual effect, thanks, now it's bugging me that something this cool looking doesn't have a real world use, I mean other than art. Well done.

    2 replies

    That's exactly what I was thinking...the steampunk part at wanna use that idea for a steampunk Riddler cosplay idea I'm coming up with

    Would a "real world use" be something as fun as a wiggly sprinkler head for kids to enjoy as a water toy in the summer?


    2 years ago

    This reminds me of the Capsela construction toys I used to play with as a kid

    If you are looking for a use, how about as a multi-line vaporizer or hooka head? No one said all the ideas had to lead to the betterment of mankind.

    1 reply

    Are you implying that a vaporizer or hooka head isn't for the betterment of mankind?

    I am thinking this would also make for a really cool hanging planter... rivit it together, use a funnel to add soil, start seeds in hydro foam then put them into 3 of the 4 holes. use the top hole for adding water, and top off with a macrame plant hanger...???

    Wondering about this incorporated into the Propane Pop Gun... Maybe too much back pressure?


    2 years ago

    Interresting project! It makes me think about a "grolle": it is a container in which you add coffee, eau de vie, lemon and other things, then you drink it with other persons. Each one drinks in one hole, and has to fill the other holes so the beverage does not spill everywhere.

    2 replies

    wow! never seen or heard of grolle before. for some reason im reminded the movie "existenz". i don't recommend putting liquid in my tetrapods though. you may be able to seal it with water proof tape of some kind however.

    You could possibly use silicon to join the pieces together & if joined thoroughly it would be leak proof (except out the bottle tops). Interesting project. Now to find a use for this haha.

    Thanks for sharing.

    I could use it for 1 to 3 waterlines i the garden, using rainwater from barrels