Soda Can Aluminum Spiral Necklace




Introduction: Soda Can Aluminum Spiral Necklace

Aluminum Soda Can Jewelry

We all know that using pop tabs can make interesting Jewelry, but why not make use of the aluminum sheeting in the can? Heres how to make an elegant spiral for a necklace.

Step 1: ​Materials and Shaping

Be extra careful! Cutting sheet aluminum can be dangerous and make the edges even sharper. Cut the top and bottom off the can until you get a rectangle sheet of aluminum. For this project, we need a thin strip from the rectangle, with a tapered end. Max thickness I would recommend for smaller sized jewelry is less than 1mm.

Step 2: ​Spiral

Using a screwdriver, awl, or small pointed object, slowly wrap the aluminum strip around the screwdriver. The trick is to start with space between the spiral, and begin to increase the overlap with each turn. By the end, the space in between each loop with turn to almost on top of each other.

Step 3: ​Hang

Punch a hole through the back of the spiral, and throw on a jump jump. Attach to a cord and chain and enjoy! Ps. An interesting touch would be to use different patterns on the inside. Coke would give you a red inside, Pepsi blue, etc. I used Sprite which yielded this dark to dark green interior.

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    3 years ago

    Did you do anything to remove the sharp edges of the piece before you spiraled it? It is a beautiful piece.