Soda Can Cup





Introduction: Soda Can Cup

There is a cup out of soda can. Sorry about the bad pictures but , they show the work very well. If my english is bad please correct my in the coments.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

They are very little :
1) Big file
2) Small file
3) Sandpaper ( not showed)
1) Soda can (can by Dr. Pepper , Pepsi , Coca cola , arizona is not soda but work , any of this tipe of can works ).

Step 2: Start With the File Work

Step 3: File Process

When this little mark start showing you will rotate the can to keep with file process.

Step 4: Finish With the Big File

When you note all the can have this mark you will make a little tap with file on the top this will fall and you need to take it off.

Step 5: Small File Process

Now with the small file eliminate the sharp edge (file in the top , side and outside).

Step 6: Finish Them With the Sandpaper

With sandpaper eliminate the completely the sharp edges. Clean the cup very well and now you have a recycled cup out of a soda can .

PD: They can work as well holding pencils,markers, etc.



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    4 Discussions

    Thanks to all of you !

    Need to find you a good p38 or p51 and you won't have to do all that file and sanding.

    Awesome nice English too

    Neat idea, nice job! Your English is just fine. It was easy to understand the process with your pictures, well done.