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It's always a bad idea to put grease or oil down the drain and into the sewer or septic system. It clogs up the pipes just like it clogs your arteries if you don't drain it out of your food! You have to put it somewhere to cool and then throw it away and I've found the safest method that leaves no sharp edges and it may be the simplest solution ever when I lived in my college apartment. Be nice to your neighbors by not clogging up your drains with grease!

Step 1: Grab Some Things

You'll need a soda can and a can opener.

Open and enjoy the soda! Probably the easiest step.

Once empty put the can opener on the top of the can inside the top lip and turn until the lid falls into the can. This leaves all of the sharp pieces inside the can and the lip of the can is still rolled and wont cut anything!

Step 2: Drop It Like Its Very Hot and Probably Bad for You

I was cooking ground beef for tacos so once browned there was a bit of grease in the pan. I tilt the pan over the sink and use a tablespoon to spoon out the grease into the opened can. Be careful because the grease will be hot and will burn you if you get it on you and that's no good for anyone.

Let the can sit in the sink until it cools and it will congeal and you will see why it would definitely clog the pipes of your apartment or house! Once cool, throw it away.

Step 3: Eat Tacos

Eat tacos without the grease!

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    3 years ago

    I use an empty jar; I can screw it closed and freeze the grease until the jar is full, then throw away.


    4 years ago

    Good tip :-)
    I expect the grease could be reused as fuel for an oillamp or something.


    4 years ago

    I use an empty glass pickle jar.