Soda Can Planter!

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This guide will teach you how to identify ruined plants in plant presses. While it can take a long, long time, ultimately when the project is over, the self satisfaction is overwhelming!

Step 1: Warnings and Equipment

First things first, some plants can be a tad toxic. When you collect a plant, write down any toxicity so you know what precautions to take.

The first thing you need is a pressed flower with seeds. Go ahead and grab a soda when you start, and some water and dirt. A knife or scissors is a must.

Step 2: Seeds!

Here, you need to harvest the seeds from the flower. I like to use tweezers to pull apart flowers if they are really big, because a ruined seed is a ruined chance.

Seeds are pretty easy to identify, because they tend to detach from the rest of the plant easily.

I like to make rough sketches of the seeds for later identification. Hopefully you all are better artists than I!

Once the seeds are out, the soda should be done. Time for work!

Step 3: Making a Quick Planter

After a short rinse and dry, use the knife to cut a rectangular hole in the can. Crimp the edges to keep from cutting yourself.

A little dirt can fill the can to the edge, providing room for the seeds. After that, plant the seeds about half an inch down, and keep the seeds moist.

Step 4: Enjoy the Plants!



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