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Where exactly is the best place to hide something? In the box beneath your bed? A cigar box in the garage? No, The best spot is where they would never look, the fridge! This nifty storage container is made from two cans of soda, and when done with patience, the outcome can look incredible. It is also the perfect spot to hide the fun sized candy bars from your thieving siblings.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for your injuries. I recommend wearing leather gloves and safety glasses at all times. I know you probably won't, but I feel like I should say It anyway.

ADDITIONAL NOTICE: I know that this may seem like a weird project to enter for this contest, but that's the point. It's a unique project that I hope inspires people to consider a new way to organize things. Not on shelves and in boxes, but in any way they please.

Step 1: Gettin Started

First off, your gonna need two cans of soda. One needs to be open (popped top) and clean, while the other one needs to be sealed. The can with the popped top is going to make up the body of this project, but we'll focus on that later. Now, we need to empty the sealed soda without breaking the seal. Simply flip it over, give it a couple of taps (to disperse bubbles), snip it twice with tin snips, and pour it out. If you cleaned your tools beforehand, you can save the soda, no need to waste it. Then trim the sealed end till about 1/4 inch wide band is left around the top. Set it aside and focus on the other can.

Step 2: The Body

During this step, I recommend wearing gloves and glasses, due to the chance that you could get impaled with a metal splinter, and nobody wants that, Whether you use tin snips, sharp utility blade, or even a strong pair of scissors (very strong), it's all basically the same. You want to avoid scratching the can during this step, so I also recommend taping around the line on the can, to reduce scratches. Or don't, whatever works. After you cut it, if the edge is sharp or jagged, you'll want to either sand or file it down, but be careful of metal fragments. Wear a mask even. After it is smooth and even, we can worry about the cap.

Step 3: Non-popped Top

Depending on how well you cut the top off the other can, the 'trim' can change in length and width. Smaller hole, smaller trim. You kinda have to figure it out on your own. Cut the trim around the edges a couple of times, then use a nail, or other metal object to fold it. The trick is to make a lip, so that the lid will pop into the can, and fit snugly. It may take you a couple of tries, but no worries!

Step 4: The End Game

Hopefully, by following these steps, you have created your own unique storage container. Anything that fits in the top will be nearly undetectable by the common folk. Unless you hand them the can and tell them to drink up. I suggest choosing a can that is unlikely to be chosen by guests or siblings, like a diet soda! Ha, I made a joke. Anyways, I wish you well on your endeavors, and I hope that you can come out with a cool looking can.

As always, I enjoy reviews and answering any and all questions.



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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago

    I made one also only thing is I used a can opener to cut the top of cleanly and then cleaned it out, but yours seems like it holds up better than mine did the top on mine would just sit on top to make it look sealed

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago

    Yea, I tried different techniques, but this way caused the lid to snap on and hold tight. It's fun to experiment! Good luck!


    4 years ago on Step 4

    Epoxy some fishing weights in the bottom to memic the weight of a real can.


    4 years ago

    Just make sure none of your friends drink Pepsi and your money is safe. Good ible. I've been wanting to make one.