Soda Can Tab Chainmaille Gauntlet




Here is a new way to recycle those soda can tabs. Instead of just tossing them why not make some awesome chainmaille! With some soda tabs and a little imagination I was able to create chainmaille gauntlet!

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Step 1: Supplies

Here is what I used to create my metal gauntlet.

soda tabs

a staple remover

Pliers with wire cutters

Step 2: Prep the Soda Tab

I first had to prep all of the soda tabs. There are two steps to do this.

1. Bend - To start I bent my soda tab so it would be at a 45 degree angle. This would give dimension to the chainmaille and make it easier to connect together later on.

2. Clip - The second step to prep is to clip the very top of the tab with my pliers. This made an actual opening to where I could connect the chainmaille.

NOTE: I would also suggest to wash the soda tabs before using them since they probably have some sticky residue left on them

Step 3: Connect Chainmaille

After prepping a whole lot of pop tabs I started to connect and form the chainmaille.

There is a pretty straight forward chainmaille design. Each top of the soda tabs will hold two bottom soda tabs, making a diamond design.

Once I had the design down It was all about just keeping the pattern going. The chainmaille took me a long time to do. because there were just a lot of soda tabs to go though.

Step 4: Keep Going

I just kept going with soda tabs until I had a good layout. Then I started to form the gauntlet shape.

The key is to make sure that I would be able to slide the gauntlet around my hand when finished so I measured my hand and adjusted the soda tabs accordingly.

NOTE: I would recommend making one long sheet of chainmaille before trying to form it into a circle. A long sheet is a lot easier to work with than a tube

Also near the top of the chainmaille I took out a couple tabs to allow for the thumb hole.

Step 5: Try On

When I was finally happy with the look and length I was able to try it on and see how awesome it was.

I was very excited about how my gauntlet turned out. There are also some improvements that I would make a better outcome for future chainmaille designs

1 - solder tab opening closed. One thing I noticed is it was common for the tabs to slip out while I was working on another section. I think to remedy this problem is to close up the opening by using solder. It would take a lot more time, but I wouldn't have to redo sections.

2. Find a way to finish off the ends. - one thing I didn't like was how the edges looked raw. I need to find a way to finish the edges to make them look a little better and cleaner.

Overall though I was happy with the result




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    6 Discussions


    1 year ago

    Perfect for my “makeshift crusader” costume for the renaissance festival


    3 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome idea! I might use this to make some bracelets :) Maybe to finish the edges, you could trim off the loops that aren't attached to anything?

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    that would work. then you could maybe sand or file the rough or sharp edges left


    3 years ago

    Brilliant idea! I've been collecting these soda tabs for some time now. Now you've given me a great idea for their use :-)


    3 years ago on Introduction

    This is so cool! I have a fantasy addict son(and grandson LOL) who would love this! for finishing, how about crocheting and edge with big hook, after you solder the tabs back together?? Just simple single crochet? Thanks for another great idea!


    3 years ago

    how awesome! now I have something else to annoy my boyfriend with besides making a growing chain! ? great instructable!