Soda Fountain




Introduction: Soda Fountain

Make an impressive fountain with a two liter bottle of soda and a package of Mentos!

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need a two liter bottle of soda, a pack of Mentos, a piece of scratch paper, and some tape.

Step 2: Make a Funnel

Roll the paper up and tape it so that it makes a funnel. It should be able to fit inside the mouth of the bottle and the Mentos should still be able to fall through. This will be used to channel a lot of Mentos into the bottle.

Step 3: Test It!

You will want to go outside for this one. Find a spot that can get a little soaked in soda, this can be sticky to clean up. Unscrew the cap and hold or tape the funnel to the bottle. When you are ready, pour some Mentos down the funnel and back up! It will react very fast, and the fountain can reach heights up to 15'.

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    I would like to know the chemical reaction which takes place. Both the equation and a verbal but (short) description in layman's terms.

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    roughly, the equation is:
    carbonation + sugar = fooooom!

    in layman's terms, that'd be: "FIRE IN THE HOLE!"

    mythbusters tested it. its what lemonie said.
    nucleation sites allow bubbles to form and cause them to form quick!
    put a smooth mento in and see what happens

    Also,if the sugar was what triggered the reaction,ordinary cola (red label) would blow up after being carbonated.

    i have already done this unknowingly in my mouth

    it works quite well... but I bought a kit from steve spangler science ( he invented this ) and it has a tube that makes it go up to 70 feet!

    you'll find that it's Mentos, as a matter of fact. Sorry for the sarcasm, but they're quite easy to find, try at the checkouts at supermarkets, or at corner shops.

    wrique: that video is GREAT! I am a science teacher and there has got to be some way I can work this into my lessons. Just one thing, does anyone know where to get mentos in the UK? I'm not sure that they are sold here. Will polos work?

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    This is lame compared to the mentos/coke rockets people are making. Simply drop a roll of unflavored mentos into a DIETcoke bottle with the foil wrapping still on, quickly put the cap back on and shake the crap out of it. When you are ready, unscrew the cap a bit so you can hear the gas escaping, throw it at the ground and if you throw it right the bottle will fly for about 50 meters.
    For more information, visit

    you can buy mentos in the uk from home and bargain


    Having had been in the vending industry a long time, I will tell you that the reason the diet sodas work better is because they are somewhat watery, and not as syrupy. They (diet colas) are also the first ones to freeze in winter or an unplugged vending machine. Less syrup equals less mass and weight. Its easier for the Co2 to pass thru thinner liquids.