Soda Pop Tab Bracelet V2

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As some of you may know... I have already made a soda pop tab bracelet instructible. It got much attention and in the comments section there were some suggestions made. Cheifjudge09 made the suggestion that for comfort, why don't you put pop tabs perpendicular to connect the two sections instead of zip ties. The zip ties also made the bracelet hard to slip on, so I decided to use cut rubber bands to make it easier to slip on. So, in this instructible I am going to show you how to make a cool bracelet that is easy to make and looks good. To get a better understanding of what I say (because I refer to the other instructibe quite a bit) you may want to check out my first Soda Pop Tab Bracelet really quick.

Step 1: Collecting Materials

Now you are going to need to collect materials for this project. In the last one, I used about 36 pop tabs, but in this one you are going to need a couple more. I estimate that oh will need about 9 more. So, to be safe, I would get a total of about 50. You are also going to need two rubber bands that are cut, so now they are a string instead of a circle. So add two rubber bands that are about 10 inches long.

Step 2: Over, Under, Side Weaving

Like in v1, you are going to do the over under weaving. To better explain it, I use the reference of an 8. A pop tab is similarly shaped to and 8, so you want to look at the center, where the two circles meet. You are going to use this as a reference to go over that "bar" and then under it, then weave in a pop tab that is perpendicular to the general bracelet, to connect the two "over, under strings" that you are simultaneously making and connecting. It also looks nicer when you have the nice looking side of the pop tab facing out so it doesn't look all weird and bent and ugly.

If you still don't get it, please refer to the pictures and all of the notes that I have put on them.

Then you need to tie all four of the ends of the rubber bands together and then your done.



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