Soda Time Bomb

This Instructable is for prrankers. I am not responsible from for anything. Use your common sense on who to use this prank on. Don't prank an elderly because i don't they would appreciate. But a safer person to prank is your friend or older or younger sibling. BE PREPARED TO CLEAN THIS MESS UP. The level of the prank is fairly easy

Step 1: Time Bomb Ingredients

    Soda that is darker in color. ( I know I used fanta only because my fav. soda is fanta)


    ice tray



      Step 2: Preparations to Explosion

      Fill the ice cube tray with water. Then drop one mento into each of the partions that have water in it. Finally freeze the ice cube. Caution: if you want ice don't take ice cubes with the mentos in it.

      Step 3: Dramatization

      Now when your guest comes or whoever you want to prank comes asked them if they would like any soda. Pour some soda in two glasses. ask if they want ice in it once they say yes put the ice cubes with the mentos in your friends glass and if you like ice put plain ice in your glass. Now casually walk over and place down yours and his glass on the table. Next take a sip. ask him/her if you would like to do something else like take a tour of the house. If he/she agrees give them a tour and once you come back the soda will be overflowing.



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