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Introduction: Soda/Beer Can Glow Stick Lantern

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This is a great way of directing the light from your glow stick in a specific direction. You need to be very careful when handling this because it does create quite a few sharp edges.

Step 1:

If using a 12oz. can remove the pull tab as it will be in the way, if you are use a 24 oz. can leave the tab on and you can hang the glow stick from it when ready to use your lantern.

Step 2:

With your knife on the opposite side of the spout make a lateral slice from the top of the can to the bottom of the can, starting and stopping about 1/2" form both.

Step 3:

At both ends of this cut you want to carefully cut the can away from this slice in both directions making all 4 cuts the same length. I suggest cutting halfway around the can to creating a book or wing like effect.

Step 4:

Slowly and carefully peel back both sides of the cut creating an open book look. You can fold up the inside piece of metal that pops down when you first open the can. Also if using a 24 oz can to turn the tab so it is over the spout.

Step 5:

For safety apply duct tape to the sharp edges of the can. Tear the duct tape into 3 vertical pieces and apply to the sharp edges of the can.

Step 6:

Pop your glow stick and through the opening you just made slide the top of the glow stick into the spout holding it in place. Remember; if you use a 24oz. you should have left on the pull tab, now you can hang the glow stick from it.

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Such a simple idea and hugely effective :)

    I'll be using this next time we get the tents out as could be a handy way of finding our tents after visiting the beer tent ;)


    Reply 4 years ago

    I am currently writing one
    that might be a little safer if a beer tent is involved.