Soft Ball Cannon

A cannon that shoots soft balls? Finally how is it done you ask well you'll find out.

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Step 1: Gather Materials

You need the following materials 1 blow torch 2. 4 feet of 4 1/2 PVC pipe pressure rated 5 soft ball 6 plastic rap 3. 4 1/2 inch PVC end cap You need the following tools 1 drill 2 drill bits 3 PVC glue

Step 2: Glue on End Cap

Coat one end of PVC in glue and inside of cap and put on let dry

Step 3: Drill Hole for Fuel

Drill hole about 1 inch from the end cap about as big as the end of your blow torch

Step 4: Fit Ball

To make a good seal rap ball in plastic rap to fit pipe

Step 5: How to Shoots

Simple hold torch on in the hole with out lighting it and letting it fill with fuel for 6 seconds you may need to adjust the time to light it all you need to is spark it and Wala boom it goes about 150 feet high and goes verry far

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