Soft Case for Glasses

Introduction: Soft Case for Glasses

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     This is a simple sewn case I came up with to keep glasses in.  There are no specific dimensions. The case was made by using my glasses to measure.

Items needed:

Soft material
    - for the inside of the case
    - I am re-purposing a pair of sweat pants that are too badly ripped to repair without a patch.

Stong material
    - for the outside of the case
    - I am using scraps of denim. If you want to make a tougher case you could use chair upholstery. If you do this you may have to modify the design though since it could become too thick to sew. Possibly just sew a square of material where the inside of the case will be instead of making the entire case out of two pieces of material.

Sewing machine

Step one:
Sew a band of material, the width of this is up to you. A half inch band should be sufficient.   To make a half inch band you will need to cut the material a little wider than 1 inch.  The length should be slightly longer than your case will be wide.
Fold the strip of material in half with the 'inside' showing.
Iron the material.
Sew the long edge.
Invert the tube.
Iron the tube so the seam is in the middle.

This will be used to slide the lid into. I chose to do this because snaps could scratch or crack the glasses, buttons can come off and velcro wears out. Snaps, buttons or magnets could also make a point that could rub the glasses or put pressure on the lenses. You could use any of these things to close the case but I decided on this solution. I think if you used a snap or magnet it would probably be best to put foam behind it.

Step two:
Measure out a length of material that will be long enough to form the front, back and lid of your case. About 3 times the width of your glasses will do. The width of the material will be slightly wider than the height of your glasses.

Cut the inside material to match the outside material. 

There is a lot of extra material in my picture. This will be trimmed off after I sew the inner and outer material together.

Step Three:
       Place the two pieces of material face to face. On the back of the piece of material that will be the outside of your case mark out where you will be sewing with chalk. You will need to place the band of material made in step one at the proper place between the two pieces of material. It will need to go near the top of what will be the front of your case. The seam of the material band should be towards the face of the front of the case. This way, when the material is turned outside right the seam of the band will not show.

Step four:
Sew the two pieces of material together.
Pass at least twice over the place where the band is attached.
Leave a small area unsewn so that the material can be inverted.

Step five:
Turn the material outside right through the unsewn area you left in the previous step.
Sew closed the hole.
Iron the material flat.

Step six:
Fold the outside face of the front and back sides together.
Sew the two edges closed.
Be careful when passing over the band. You may need to operate your sewing machine by hand if the material is too think.
Reinforce the top corners of the case by backing up the sewing machine. Also make a small sew line perpendicular to the edge.

Step seven:
Turn the case right side out.
Make sure the band of material runs across the front of the case.

Step eight:
Keep your glasses safe inside your new case.

I made this case to keep in my pocket or a bag. If you wish to attach a belt loop you should do this between steps 3 and 4. You can make the loop the same way the loop in step 1 was created. To attach it you may want to sew an X pattern inside of a square on each end of the loop so you are ensured it is attached well.

Instructable notes:
The cover flap on this case was slightly too wide. You may wish to make the flap narrower than I did so if fits better.
I am sorry this is all in one step, I can not find a button to make another step. Not sure what i'm doing wrong that I can't add another step.



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