Soft Circuit Cuff




Soft circuit is a system of using LEDs and conductive thread to create a lighting spots on whatever you want, for instance T-shirts, jackets, skirts and so on by sewing and connecting the positive and negative side of a battery with LEDs with conductive thread.

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Step 1: Material -->

For the Soft Circuit Cuff you will need: scissors, tweezer or sth to bend the wires of LEDs, conductive thread, normal thread, battery, needle, various types of fabric.

Step 2:

1. First of all you take a conductive thread and LEDs, you estimate the place for your LEDs and start sewing the LEDs as you can see the pattern above. Be careful about your positive and negative sides.

Step 3:

When you are done with the actual circuit you can add some design which you choose, I wanted to make different flowers(different fabric and shapes). After you'll have your shapes try to sew it onto your shirt/dress.

Step 4:

And the last step is to put the battery to your circuit and you are done!

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    Fun wearable electronics projects. Where did you get the conductive thread?