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Sometimes one idea is just too awesome not to be shared with everyone.

You know, I needed a compact floatable device and didn't want to pay for it. My dugout canoe was - and is - not finished yet and Sooky will be everything but compact.

So I had a few beers & I came up with this one: a cheap lightweight compact kayak-thing that everyone can make.

This is the ikea-version of the kayak. Really.

Step 1: Howto?!

All you need is 2 plastic barrels, a piece of soft floor & some paracord.

Cut the thread from the barrels & clip them together with the steel ring used to get the cover sealed.

Cut a manhole in one of them & get a big piece of soft floor like linoleum.

Flip it around this duobarrel in a certain way as shown in the vid, poke a lot of holes through the edges & sew the whole together with paracord.

Finally, trim the excess.

Nothing more to say, you're done & good to go.

A template would be good, I know. Check this zone out later.

Step 2: Some Critics

As you can see in the video, this kayak isn't well balanced (yet).

I could say I did this intentionally because everyone on the run for the apocalypse has some gear to carry & the best place to store this stuff is in the space left in the front of the kayak.

I didn't, though, but I like the idea. Add your backpack to the equation & the whole is stable & ready to move to new horizons.

Good luck & move safely!

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    bartworkerTecwyn Twmffat

    Reply 2 years ago

    No come-back my friend, just a spin-off from my sooky-project! ;)


    2 years ago

    Great idea, my friend. I'm glad to see that alcohol and you are still coming up with neat ideas!

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    I didn't met you on facebook yet, so I had to find a way to say hello to some of my ol' friends overseas... Boats & beers, always been a good combination! ;)