Soft Tip Play Arrows




Ever wanted to have a fight with bows and real arrows? Well worry no more for these arrows wont pierce your friends!

Step 1: Supplies

this is a tutorial for arrows, not a bow.

1st: a carbon arrow or a pack of real cheap arrows (do not buy arrow heads)
2nd: some foam nerf darts or something similar
3rd: glue. most glues will work, but some may melt the foam. I'm using a modeling glue and duck tape (just as a precaution)

Step 2: The Build

it's pretty straight forward from here.

1st: take your arrow and apply some glue to the end where an arrow tip would usually go.
2nd: slide the foam and rubber dart onto the glue end
3rd: this is optional but recommended. Use either duck tape or electrical  tape to secure the dart. I'm using blue and red (for two teams)

Step 3: Be Safe

now your ready, just make a bunch of these and head outside. just remember to where safety masks (I use airsoft masks and paintball masks). You don't wanna lose an eye. If by chance you are injured, I am not responsible for your mishaps, so DO NOT blame me. remember these are real weapons, and are only padded down. If your an adult, I wouldn't recommend this as a christmas present for your kid. If you play airsoft or paintball, treat this like you would those sports. Anyway, now that the boring stuff is out of the way, HAVE FUN. :)



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    6 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I would not use these, unless it was with a very low-powered bow. I would instead take a 2" (diameter) cylinder of foam, and put 2 inches on the arrow.

    1 reply
    Connor FordCrossing

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I like that Idea, its probably safer too. I think I am going to change my tip to that instead haha.


    1 year ago

    To make a safer-ish "dirt and stubbing arrow" you still want to keep it from getting to heavy, so like @Crossing says below, a bigger but lighter tip-blob. _But_: **VERY IMPORTANT**: What happens if you shoot an arrow into foam? Yeah! It cuts through it like a laser-hot knife through molten butter!

    You need to distribute the kinetic energy from the shaft pushing forward in steps from a more rigid, albeit heavier beginning, to an outer hull that is fluffier. Step by step.

    And still of course, don't think of it as safe - but an arrow with no need for pulling out, or being crushed, when shooting stumps, rocks, what-not.

    Just my 2 mBTC of course...

    Connor Ford

    5 years ago

    Feels like an airsoft pellet to me.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice. These are the kind of 'ibles that make the lawyers around here REAL nervous. :-)