Soft Wearable Circuitry on Sweater Knits

Introduction: Soft Wearable Circuitry on Sweater Knits

Using hot and bond, interfacing, a conductive fabric with conductive thread you'll have a secure soft circuitry for wearables and knits!

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Step 1: Get Your Materials...!

You will need....

Conductive fabric

Conductive thread

Heat and bond

Big eye needle so thread can go through


Knit fabric to attach to

Interfacing of your choice (thinner can be more flexible but be careful about if it's too thin may touch other wires)


Step 2: Apply Heat and Bond...

Apply it on the back of the fabric with the right side towards you, cut it to however you need it to be for your soft circuitry.

Use moderate to high heat with a iron to apply onto the fabric, first apply onto back of fabric then iron it onto the sweater, don't iron it until it's on the fabric!

Step 3: Get Your Needle Ready....

Put the length of conductive thread needed into the needle and get ready to hand stitch - flexibility in the stitch is key here because you are sewing on a stretch material - or you can do a non flexible stitch if that is what you want.

Step 4: Stitching....

Do a simple whip stitch or saddle stitch here is a website that shows a great example of how to do a whip stitch... :

I like to do it in the middle so I get the flexibility of the stitch needed in-case of stretch and pull.

Step 5: Last Step...!

Get your interfacing and cut it out about 1/4" thicker on both sides of the conductive fabric - possibly it is better to cut them both at the same time so you get clean measurements.

Apply with high heat with iron - be careful that the inside of the interfacing sometimes wont iron down - great way to notice this is if you see little dots still remaining. These dots are like little dots of glue - make sure the whole interfacing is clear of dots and applied evenly otherwise it may fall or rip off easy!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the tutorial. What did you do with your soft circuitry?