SoftBlue LED Nightlight




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This took about 5 hrs to build, made with a glass inscense tube 2 blue LED's white bradied heat resistant tube I found in a toaster    mmmmmm toast... , 1/4 copper tube and a copper plated plumbing hanger bent to my will with a hammer, couple brass fitting off a gass grill and brass plated RCA connectors.
and my personal favorite the High Voltage tag i pulled off an transfomer out of a TV. Runs off a button cell (3v) stole the button cell tray out of an old motherboard. The copper wire I wrapped around a wooden dowel to get the spring shape. The inside tube (under the glass) is a clear pen body.



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    Winged Fist

    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very Nice! It seems to have a bit of German Steampunk flare to it...;-) Although I would say this falls more into the Dieselpunk category. I too am a fan of the "High Voltage" tag... Good to worn people about a potential 3 volt shock;-)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Looks good, I wish you had a little better picture with more light from the front, what did you use for the base?

    You should post more projects!

    1 reply

    The base is wood cut out with a hole saw.
    More projects to come i just a received couple of replica vintage Phones and hope to make something out of it soon so keep checking back.

    Nicely done! Love how the LEDs light the tube, I myself tend to have problems getting LEDs to cast an even light, especially the blue LEDs! So I wonder are you using diffused LEDs, and/or what/how are you diffusing them?

    1 reply

    Thank you!
    you should be able to see that entire tube dont get 100% of the light from the Leds but it's a close 2nd, I guess it must be the tube that I am using, it is a cloth mess wire insulater I have no idea of the proper name of the stuff or much of any things I find to use, but I am guessing that its a heatshield of some sort I find them in toasters microwave ovens ect...and as long as they are still nice a brite should work for ya. Hope that can give you somthing to go on.