Softmod Your Xbox (play Games Without Disk) **UPDATED**




Important you can cause your Xbox to not respond if the steps described aren't followed carefully. It worked for me and countless others, proceed with caution and make sure you fully understand the process before attempting it.

What will installing UXE do for my Xbox?

  • Allow you to play unsigned/backup games
  • Allow you to use homebrew software such as "Emulators".
  • Allow you to run/copy games to the Internal hard-drive.
  • Allow you to Install a new replacement/larger hard-drive.
  • Allow you to FTP into your Xbox to load files and edit/delete files.
  • Reset your Xbox with "IGR" (In Game Reset) button combo.
  • Allow use of Xbox *'Live' (a script is included to revert to the original dash)
  • Limited Use as you'll need the original game to use the 'Live' service


Step 1: Tools & Items

Tools and Items you will require:

  1. A memory card or Action Replay/Gameshark with USB Memory card Writer.
  2. Original copy of 'Mech Assault' or James Bond 007' or 'Splinter Cell'

Get the right Game:

I recommend you start with obtaining an original copy of the game Mech Assault that will work with the exploit save:

  1. Mech Assault
  2. James Bond 007: Agent under Fire' Platinum versions may not work. I have read that any version with this number 1448517 works this number 1448527 doesn't work (see photo below).
  3. Splinter Cell NTSC
  4. Splinter Cell PAL

Download: (Links updated on 03/20/2019)
Mech Assault (v1.1.1 latest)
James Bond 007 (v1.1.1 latest)
Splinter Cell NTSC (v1.1.1 latest)
Splinter Cell PAL (v1.1.1 latest)

Step 2: Installing

There are two ways you can install it:
watch the video or read below if the video doesn't make sense.


Get the save game on your Memory Card Use an Action Replay or GameShark to get the save on your Xbox

Prepare your Xbox: First thing you should do If possible is to connect your Xbox to the Internet and update your Dashboard. You can do this simply by choosing the 'Live' options and select 'Account recovery' this updates your dashboard automatically and once finished will ask you for details of your account to continue, just quit as you've accomplished the task of updating the Dashboard. If you actually have a 'Live' account you probably don't need to do anything as your Dashboard will be up to date.

Time to Load our save game: Start the 'Mechassault' Game, once in the game and it's loaded select the option to load a saved game. Make sure it loads from the hard-drive and if needed delete any existing save games that you may have had before you copy the game save exploit over. The save game should start to load, after a wait of about 10 seconds it should load the UnleashX dash. If this doesn't work try starting over, there's a chance your game is newer and patched to fix the exploit hole. You should see the UnleashX dash which looks like the photo below. From the main menu, you should see 'Waffle Zone Tool' press 'A' to enter this menu and you should now see the options as the above photo. From this menu select 'Install UXE Package' and press 'A' the script will start copying the needed files. After it is done copying the package, it will boot to Linux and make a backup of your EEPROM. On a 1.6 Xbox, your screen will probably display a corrupt unreadable image, this is fine just ignore it for now and watch for your LED to flash green which means the process is complete. If you're not sure just eject your game disk and power off the Xbox after two minutes, this should be more than enough time to create the EEPROM backup. Power the Xbox back on and without any game in the DVD-drive your Xbox should boot to the UnleashX screen you saw earlier. The first thing you should do is FTP into your Xbox using the IP address shown on your dashboard (username:xbox password:xbox). Now copy the EEPROM back-up to your PC's Hard-drive, the back-up will have been made of your original MS Dash, as well as the installed UXE package in E:\Backup\. Your EEPROM will be saved to E:\Backup_linux\, copy these folders and burn them onto a CD to keep them safe. If you don't see the files look on the root of drive E:\ as newer installers put the file there, REMEMBER these are the keys to your Xbox, lose them and you won't be able to recover from a Hard-drive failure or other problem. Verify that your Xbox will Play an Original game and then try a back-up version. If these test work, you have successfully applied the UXE package.

Step 3: Using Xbox Live

Using the Xbox Live

If you desire to play online you'll need to make sure you never modify the files located in 'E:\Backup\' or 'E:\Backup\Modded\' if you do then the included scripts won't work correctly as the scripts expect the files it needs to be located in these directories.

To reset your Xbox to the Microsoft Dashboard simply choose 'Waffle Zone Tools' press 'A' to enter this menu and now select 'Backup Menu' and press 'A' the next item to select is 'Restore Unmodded Backup' press 'A', the script will start copying the needed files, after it is done reboot and play the Games you want online (of course you need the Original game).

A possibility exists that Microsoft will eventually implement a check for these type of exploits and when discovered will Ban your Xbox from be able to use the 'Live' service.

When you want to revert back to the Softmod you basically repeat the steps to do the exploit the first time with the exception that you should choose 'WaffleTools' then 'Backup Menu' (NOT Install UXE Package) now here simply choose the option 'Restore Modded Backup' this will copy the files needed to revert your box to the UnleashX dash, once complete reboot your Xbox and you should be back to the UnleashX dashboard.



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    38 Discussions


    3 months ago

    All links and video have been updated!


    links are dead can you reupload them

    i have Mech Assault do i need to download the Mech Assault link if so then please reupload it to bitshare


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Got mine modded today! Thanks!
    (oh, that WinRar link downloads a package that Anti-virus software picks up as having a high-risk trojan attached... might want to change links)

    As long as it has a way to connect the memory card to the computer, it should work. I ended up making a USB female->Xbox male cable and using a flash drive (4 gb or less) and Xplorer360 to load the exploitable save onto mine for instance


    No, cause the exploit is for original XBox only. You'd have to look up Jtag for 360 or something like that.


    8 years ago on Step 2

    i downloaded splinter cell from link provided. i used xplorer 360 and injected those 2 save files to usb flash drive, then i copied them both my xbox hdd, but when i start the game and press A 3 times, screen freezes but music still goes on and nothing happens even after couple of minutes. what am i doing wrong?


    8 years ago on Introduction

    My instructable has been updated on Thursday July 29, 2010. I have updated the download links and added a video. This video is not the exact version of the save but it's better than nothing.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Will this work on NXE? Also, will my UI change? Please tell me because I don't want to mess up my 360, dude

    1 reply

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    ya all you do is go in to file explore and copy the continence of the disk to a new folder on the hard drive    


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    ya im putting in the biggest i can get  


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    ok so i tried this one and it didn't work can anyone give me a link to a new one