Soil Moisture Monitoring

Hardware Needed:

  1. Breadboard
  2. Elegoo Uno R3 Microcontroller
  3. Micro SD card adapter
  4. Power cable
  5. Two LEDs
  6. MicroSD card
  7. Push button
  8. 1-6 Soil Moisture Sensors

Step 1: Hardware Setup

Set up the Arduino setup as seen in the picture above. The shown setup had a single sensor connected, but the Arduino used and code provided have the capability to accommodate 6 sensors. For each addition sensor connect it to the board the same as the first, taking note on which analog port it is connected to.

Step 2: Code

This code from adapted from code originally written by Bill Atkens. The code is written to be able to collect and store data for up to 6 different sensors. For our experiment only three sensors were used, therefore three sensors are commented out. Changing the names of the sensors may also be helpful depending on the experiment being run.

Step 3: Testing

For testing insert the sensors into the soil that is being monitored. For this experiment three sensors were used to monitor the top, middle and bottom moisture of a soil sample. Push the button to start collecting data, and push the button again to stop collecting data. The code will collect data every 15 minutes.



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