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Introduction: Sol Shakti Audio Amplifier

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Solar Powered Stereo Sound Amplifier

Perched on by the window this sound system plays tunes with the radiance of the sun..
As the amp's amplifying power is harnessed from the sun, the audio inputting player keeps good battery life..
though tiny at 2 x 2 inches the amp pumps up common bookshelf speakers.. plays all day in southern Calli..
I keep it at 20% or less of maximum volume, unless its RootsRockersDub, then i need a round bottom so i turn the vol up..
The max vol it gives is good enough for a picnic party or at the beach..
Having this makes me wonder why we need, say even a 50 watt system? unless you have disturbed neighbors to keep?
so prefect for everyday without having to resort to fuel and battery chemical toxic waste..     

List of needed items

a. Small desktop computer speakers.. bought one for $8.00.. gives 4 watts of peak amplification..
b. Solar panel with enough juice to power up the amp.. mine says it gives 7.2 volts & 200 mAmps & is 3 x 6 inches..
c. Bookshelf Speakers..
d. Soldering supplies, glue, screwdriver..
e. (optional) decorative items, I have a Ganesh statue glued on the volume and a skull bead on the power trigger..


Note: A detailed step by step instruction could not help you if you find items other than what i found so pardon the vagueness..
Just take the jest of it and play within your own findings but its all essentially the same process..
take amp circuit out.. connect panel solar to power input.. connect speakers to amp.. plug in audio.. enjoy tunes on truly free energy.. so

Amp acquisition and re-engineering

Unscrew and open up the Desktop speakers.. Take the amplifier out and cut the Left and Right audio output wires connected to the speakers that the amp is attached to.. The speakers are puny and discarded.. Remember the placement of the wires on the amp circuit and solder them back in place.. luck had it, my amp was powered by an AC to DC adapter which happened to fit perfectly with the solar panels power output plug.. so I just plugged it in, twisted the audio output wires on the amp circuit to the speakers wires.. Turned it on and its been working ever since... there you have it, simple as that..

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