Solar Car Kit

Introduction: Solar Car Kit

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These instructions are for a basic solar car. You may substitute some materials or change the design based on your own creativity but having the concept and fundamentals is important.

Step 1: Kit Contents

Keep in mind that there are several ways to make a Solar Car Kit and so there are materials (from our Solar Car Kit) that won't be required for this particular setup - such as the eye screws for the axles.

(1) Solar Cell Panel
(1) DC Motor
(1) Motor Mount
(2) Tie Straps (to Strap Motor)
(2) Front Wheels
(2) Back Wheels, Geared
(1) Motor Gear
(2) 1/8" Axle Rods
(4) Washers
(4) Eye Screws
(2) Straws for Axle Covers
(4) Washers
(1) Wood Board
(5) Basswood Sticks
(2) Connection Wires

Step 2: Positioning and Gluing the Axle Housings

Begin by positioning and gluing the Wood Sticks onto the Wood Board so that the Axles/Straws can eventually sit in between them.

Place one wood stick at the very end and use the straw to determine the space for the other stick. Do the same for the other end.

Step 3: Preparing the Wheels

Now we can connect the back wheels using the axles. The straw should be cut to size so that the washers that are placed at the end don't move.

Repeat the same for the front wheels.

Step 4: Securing the Axles

Place your wheel component in between the two wood sticks you initially glued onto the wood board.

Then glue a thick paper onto the wood sticks to cover the axle so it will stay in place.

Step 5: Suspend to Allow for Drying

Since the wheels won't allow you to lay the board flat on the table to allow them to dry, you must use two small objects to suspend them.

Step 6: Prepare Motor

Place the motor onto the mount, strap it so that it is snug and then put the gear onto the shaft.

Cut off any excess strap to give it a clean look.

Step 7: Position and Placing Motor & Gear

Once the glue on the axle covers has dried, place the car on it's wheels. Now remove the adhesive from the mount to place it onto the wood board so that the gear sits right into the gear of the back wheel.

Step 8: Connecting the Solar Panel to Motor

Connect the Solar Panel to the motor and place on the motor so that it is facing upward towards the sun.

Put a piece of tape at the front end where panel is on wood board so that the panel doesn't move. You're now ready to place your car under the sun and start the fun!

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