Solar Charger Brooch ! KIT




Introduction: Solar Charger Brooch ! KIT

Solar Charger LED lights KIT.

Install a solar charger to beureochi.

It can be used as emergency lights at night.

You can create fun and children.

Step 1: Let's Make.

1. Connect to the + terminal of the diode super capacitor.

2. Connect the diode and solar + pole.

3. Connect to the super capacitor(-) and solar (-) pole

4. Connect the tilt switch to the + terminal of the super capacitor.

5. To connect the LED to a super capacitor (-) and the tilt switch (+).

6. The tilt the brooch.

7.The LED light turns on.

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    1024 Web Solutions
    1024 Web Solutions

    4 years ago

    SOKIT! I also wanna know. I can't find them with Google... I do well with Google. This has eluded me like nothing else.


    4 years ago


    Where do these SOKIT connectors come from ? They are more than usefull and I'd like to buy some. THX