Solar Cooked Cheesy Broad Beans

Introduction: Solar Cooked Cheesy Broad Beans

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Many of us won't eat broad beans and some can be easily persuaded if the cooking process is fun and the beans are coated with cheese. In this instructable we successfully converted Aisha (right) into a broad bean eater by cooking them in the sun with a Gosun solar cooker!

Step 1: Equipment and Ingredients

Step 2: Cook the Beans

The beans are freshly harvested and cooked, quite literally, in the field where the beans grow. Old, tough, or dry beans should be avoided altogether.

The beans were podded, but not skinned as skinning individual beans is a chore and no fun at all!

The stainless steel cooking tube was loaded with beans, gently inserted into the cold vacuum glass cooking tube and the 'wings' of the gosun opened to expose the tube to the sun to start the cooking process. Inserting food into a hot glass tube may result in thermal shock and destruction of the glass tube.

Step 3: Cover With Cheese

Close the gosun reflector wings and remove the stainless tube and check that all the beans are cooked, especially those close to the wooden handle.

Cut up some generous slabs of mature cheddar cheese and slot into the stainless tube on top of the beans and add a bit of ground black pepper according to taste.

Insert the stainless tube back into the glass tube and open the reflector wings once again.

Cooking times depend on the strength of the sunlight and the cooker needs to be angled directly into the sun for maximum cooking speeds.

Step 4: Final

Close up the gosun once more and remove the stainless tube. The cheese should be nicely molten all over the beans and the kids will love it!

Please feel free to add suggestions for improving this technique in the comments section below. This instructable will be updated if I have missed anything.

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    Wow this looks delicious.

    I guess making one of those solar ovens can't be that difficult...

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    looks tasty and quite a neat compact solar cooker you have!

    1 reply

    Thanks! I won the cooker in the renewable energy competition.