Solar Cooker




our group decided to make a solar cooker for the country that struggled to cook meals, this solar cooker is meant to be left out in the sun so that our accordion sunshade can reflect the heat from the sun to the pot

Step 1: How It Works

basically how our solar cooker works is that we have an accordion sunshade for a vehicle it does not matter what size as long that it can surround the pot. you fold the accordion sunshade into different angles so that it can reflect the heat from the sun hitting different areas around the pot, then you must have a pot, and have it between the sunshade make sure you choose a hot day to leave the project outside

Step 2: Materials

The materials you'll be needing are tape, accordion sunshade, pot, and a pot stand simple materials but the accordion must be folded into different angles

Step 3: Results

we left our solar cooker outside in the heat for 40 minutes and the results were us getting 194 degrees try not to open the lid from the pot because the heat temperature will drop

Step 4:



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    2 years ago

    Nice work. I'd recommend using a dark pot to absorb the heat too ;)

    1 reply