Solar Cooling System for Helmets




Introduction: Solar Cooling System for Helmets

Step 1: Find a Helmet

You can find a bike helmet almost anywhere like a Walmart or local convenient store.

Step 2: The Power System

Get your 2 9 volt batteries and positive and Negitive wires plus the fan and solder the wires to the batteries and fan and solar panels.

Step 3: The Switch

Of course you have to add your switch to the circuits so solder that together.

Step 4: Finished Cooling System!

This is what it should look like it only takes about 2 hours but you can have a cool ride in the sun on your bike!

Step 5: Also For...

This works for safety helmets too when working on the job in the hot blazing sun every day!



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    5 Discussions

    If you are using a solar panel, wht are you using the 9 volt battery for because as far as i can see from the pics, its not a rechargeable battery and you havent said anything about any recharger circuit.

    It's common sense for a person who has experience in circuitry. I don't know how you don't understand it.

    Can u please draw a circuit cause i did not understand the wiring

    But adding padding and create a new, more versatile helmet for hard hats will open the safety warranty for my instructable.

    Really cool idea (no pun intended) but doing that to a hard hat will void the warranty and make it not safety approved