Solar Death Ray




Our class project of our physics class was this solar death ray.

With this 'death' ray we are able to melt or vaporize thin aluminum cans, melt plastic, and other dangerous things.

Note: Be careful, the focal point of the death ray can get up to 2000 degrees. Don't put anyone near the focal point.

We had followed a video by the king of random on youtube.


Step 1: Gather Materials

Begin by gathering all materials:

Biggest thing to have is the big screen tv lens, this is called a fresnel lens.

You will need about 6 pieces of 8 foot long 2x2 wood, I bought this from home depot.

2-1/4"-20 bolts, roughly 3"-4" long

2-1/4"-20 wing nuts

bag of 1/4" fender washers


inexpensive plumbing tube for spacers

hardboard for an adjustable slot

wood screws to attach the frame pieces and lower supports, about 2"-3"

Step 2: Cut to Length

Cutting the legs was the first thing that we had done. We choose to cut the legs to be about 5 feet. After cutting the legs and side pieces for the frame, we set the lens down and measured the length needed for the top pieces. Once the top pieces are cut, we can assemble the frame and measure the length needed for the lower supports.

Step 3: Assemble

With all the pieces cut to the needed length, we just need to finish assembly. Starting the lens and frame on the ground and set the legs in the correct locations and the lower supports at the bottom and about middle of the distance of the bottom of the frame and the bottom of the legs.

Bolt or screw the supports into place and then screw on the wing nuts.

Step 4: Burn, Burn, and Burn Some More....

We were able to find the focal point relatively easy by placing a board in-front the focal point so we can see the circles of light. Then we will move the board around the align the circles together.

This was the point as which we were able to hold and burn our initials into a piece of wood and attempted the burn through a soda pop can. This was really cool to witness the vaporization of aluminum.



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    3 years ago

    Made one of these 2 years ago, they are good for heating a small garden room by placing it on the South side of the room and letting the focal point be in an open area and it makes all kinds of heat! Fun to play with.


    3 years ago

    you could make a solar barbecue!! :O


    3 years ago

    you should enter this into the "brave the elements" contest if at all possible. I'd imagine this would qualify.


    Well, if we are ever attacked by giant ants, you are certainly prepared.